Successfully representing litigants for 18+ years

Successfully representing litigants for 18+ years

Successfully representing litigants for 18+ yearsSuccessfully representing litigants for 18+ yearsSuccessfully representing litigants for 18+ years

With offices in Brentwood and Newport Beach, California, Jeff is Southern California's premier litigator in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and initial coin offerings.

On behalf of his clients and all Californians, Jeff enforces California's broad Unfair Competition Law which prohibits businesses and individuals from engaging in unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent business acts or practices.

Exceptional Legal Services

We do:  contract negotiations, pre-litigation, litigation through jury or bench trial or arbitration, the entire appellate process all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary, and judgment enforcement and collections.  Everything from A to Z. Your one-stop shop for civil litigation from the filing of a Complaint to the filing of a Satisfaction of Judgment.

A bit about Jeff (see our "About Jeff" page for a more detailed auto-biography tracking Jeff's journey from our nation's capital to Atlanta to Los Angeles, where he has lived for more than twenty years after spending his entire young(er) life on the east coast):

Jeff handles a broad range of civil matters with a particular emphasis on securities, employment, healthcare, consumer protection, and real estate litigation. Jeff has represented investors, brokers, brokerage firms, employees, employers, consumers, companies, tenants, and landlords and therefore brings the perspective of both sides to any dispute. He also represents financial advisors in regulatory matters and negotiates contracts on behalf of individuals and businesses. Most recently Jeff has represented and continues to represent investors in initial coin offering (“ICO”) and other cryptocurrency litigation. 

Jeff has extensive experience in state and federal court, including appeals and bankruptcy proceedings. Jeff has handled dozens of arbitrations from commencement to conclusion, including pre- and post-arbitration court proceedings. 

Before starting his own practice, Jeff spent more than seven years as an associate at a large, international law firm followed by more than eight years at a smaller, regional litigation firm where he made partner in less than three years. 

From the moment a potential dispute arises, his extensive experience, sound judgment, strategic focus, and attention to detail can produce an early resolution or begin to build a record to best position his clients’ claims or defenses. 

As a case makes it way through the pleading stage, discovery phase, and ultimately, if necessary, trial, Jeff will provide steady and unrelenting advocacy. 

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